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Product Name:
40W Portable solar power kit
Size :

Product features:

  • Small size, with the size as a normal suitcase, easy to carry with.

  • In the suitcase it integrate all necessary parts to form a power generator.

  • With DC and AC power output, which can work with a wide range of appliances. Output DC/AC with different voltage range which could be adjusted according to customer’s requirement,It is suitable for family-use, back-up power for office,traveling, camping, adventure, exploration, road building and other fields where there is no normal electricity supply.

  • 40W portable solar power supplier could support small TV, laptop,mobile phones, lighting, radio, recorder, fan and small home appliances etc.

Product specifications:

  • Solar power: 2pcs 18V/20W mono/poly-crystalline solar panel.

  • Lead acid rechargeable battery: 12V/ 9Ah (4pcs)

  • Controller: 5A/12V

  • Inverter: 300W  DC 12V to AC 220V or 110V

  • Supply power: 1)DC output : 5V / 9V / 12V (350mA----2A) 2)AC output : 220V or 110V

  • Material of the box: aluminum

  • Working temperature: -20---+60℃

  • Using moisture: 10---80%

  • Size of the box: 60*18.5*37

  • Weight: 26kgs/set

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