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Product Name:
5W Flexi PV solar car battery charger
Size :

  • Innovative designed, with no glass or aluminum.

  • Lightweight, super thin and tough for harshest marine evironment.

  • High-efficiency Crystalline cell for maximum power output.

  • Completely weatherproof– even against salty sea water.

  • With built-in blocking diode to prevent battery discharging at night.

  • Can be gently flexed to conform to moderately curved surfaces.

  • With 4 grommet finished holes for for easy fixing.

  • 3 meter cable with S-S connector for quick connection.

  • Includes crocodile clips and male cigar lighter adaptor.

  • Ideal for charging battery of car, caravan, boat, yarcht and motorhome etc.

  • 5 year panel workmanship warranty and 20 year cell performance warranty.

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